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Tip, share and discover amazing new content.

Enkore will enable users to easily tip creators with Bitcoin. 0% fees (yes, creators get 100% of the tip).


Initially, Enkore will work by using Twitter to verify creators. Users choose whom to tip (@pharrell), how much ($1) and what for ("Love Happy! Can't help but dance to to it"). When the user has tipped the amount of Bitcoin, the tip will optionally be shared within the Enkore network, or to any other social network of your choice. If your followers like what you've shared, they can also extend the thanks by retipping (rewarding both creator & curator).

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Bitcoin will be the primary means of tipping and disbursement through the Enkore network. Why?


When sending Bitcoin to another person, the fees usually don't go more than $0.05!


Bitcoin is available to anyone with an internet connection: allowing users to tip any creator. Great content goes beyond national boundaries.


Due to the small fees, user can tip as small as $0.10 if they were so inclined.

It's Awesome

It's about time we had a way to pay anyone for literally free across the world! It's amazing.

The mission

Enkore is based on one defining ethos: empower creators to keep creating. Our aim is to make sure we do that! We eventually plan to roll out a suite of tools to allow users to easily say thanks at the moments they appreciate it: from enjoying a song on the radio, to reading a great new blog on your iPad.


Founder: Simon de la Rouviere (@simondlr)

A creator at heart, having dabbled in music, programming, writing, art & game development. Simon recently graduated with a MA (cum laude) in Socio-Informatics researching the design of sustainable online communities (against information overload) and has created tools used by more than a million people. When he is not busy with Enkore, he is probably hanging out with "The Cypherfunks" (a global, decentralized band & currency he started), making music, going to gigs, doing public talks on cryptocurrencies or enjoying a sunset.

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If you want to say hi, join the team or invest, mail us: hey@enkore.co. We would love any of those e-mails to hit our inbox! Donations welcome: 1Dg58c9w7xd7m6SMydosDMUdCmdzAetrV.